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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 11, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> i'm randi kaye in for brooke baldwin. a coalition of nations coming together to help president obama in the plan he outlined last night joining a coordinated military campaign. saudi arabia, egypt, jordan, lebanon, the list goes on. turkey, iraq, bahrain, qatar, united arab emirates and oman. they will help cut off money and foreign fighters following isis. and help rebuild the cities and towns devastated by isis' bloody rampage to form an islamic state. the support for the strategy is culmination of secretary of state john kerry's trip to saudi arabia where he talked with our global affairs correspondent about the president's strategy to take on isis. we're joined on the phone by jetta, saudi arabia, fresh from that interview from the secretary of state. if you can, give me some
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highlights. >> reporter: it was a short discussion because he was meeting with king abdullah right after our interview. it was a ride ranging discussion. i asked if the u.s. was at war with isis and he said that was the wrong terminology. if you want to think about it as a war, i can't stop you but he said that there are a lot of things going on in this strategy, this counterterrorism strategy that people don't associate with war in terms of stopping the flow of finances and stopping the flow of foreign fighters into iraq and syria and he also defended the administration's use of the 2001 authorization by congress to go after al qaeda. they're trying to use it as justification for this campaign now saying, randi, that isis really used to be part of al qaeda. it split off but it says you may change your name but he
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considers them still connected and so that's really interesting because a lot of people are questioning what the administration's legal justification is to launch this campaign. we also talked about saudi arabia because here we are in saudi arabia. secretary kerry praising the saudi government for its role in this coalition but a lot of the flow of this financing of foreign fighters come from saudi arabia. it's a little bit of an inconsistency there. the president compared this campaign last night that he's going to go after isis to what the u.s. is doing in yemen and somalia. secretary kerry took a little bit of issue with that saying the two groups are totally different. the situation in yemen and somalia are completely different than the way that the u.s. is using this broad coalition to go after isis. that might give them a little bit of headache in washington. from here he goes onto turkey
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and to cairo to continue to draw up support for this coalition. >> fascinating interview. terrific detail. thank you so much. cnn military analyst colonel rick francona is here. how vital is the arab support to the president's strategy to defeat isis? >> it's vital in two ways. one, we want to see arabs as part of this effort. we won't defeat isis unless rblgal powerblg regional powers are onboard to do that because they're threatened and have to be part of the solution. we're not seeing the kind of commitment we want. we see words. stronger commitment. they'll cut off funds. they'll stop moving the people. you don't hear the words we're going to send troops to help you do this. that's what we need. we need nations that are willing to put people with boots on the ground is the phrase everybody is using. we're not seeing it. >> what about some of the
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wording. you didn't hear president obama last night use the word war. john kerry today saying war is the wrong terminology for this fight. it's a counterterrorism operation. i mean, is there a difference really here? >> i think that when you drop bombs on people and you said you're going to degrade and destroy and defeat them, you're probably at war with them. i think the terminology is really meaningless. they're at war with us is what's important. >> what about his point comparing this to somalia and yemen and operations there. what do you make of that? we shouldn't be comparing them. >> they're a different operation. they are localized operations. they present a threat to the region and to u.s. interests abroad. isis has capability of producing a threat to the homeland. maybe not today but sometime in the future. and if you read their literalure and read what they're saying, it's akin to what we saw in afghanistan in 1996 as taliban set up this exact kind of state. >> why would the president compare it -- you heard that the
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secretary of state said it's a wrong way to describe it. now that's a problem for him in going against what the president said. >> the president regards this as successful operations although they were different operations. i think he was referring to tactics and strategies we're going to use. to say they are equal is a misnomer. >> boots on the ground, the president said that we can -- he's determined to defeat this group but without boots on the ground not possible you don't think. >> it's very difficult to win this without putting some boots on the ground and i don't see any allies stepping up to the plate here. western europeans may send maybe some small special operations units. if the united states is unwilling to do this, many other nations are going to follow suit and say why should we put young men and women at risk if you're not willing to put your troops at risk. in the end, if this is truly a risk and a threat to the united states, be it now or in future,
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it's not wise to plan on outsourcing the defense of our country. we saw how that failed in the initial stages of afghanistan. we have to take a hard look at this. i know it's politically dangerous to say american troops back to iraq but if the threat demands it, we may have to rise to the occasion. >> lieutenant colonel, nice to see you. thank you. even some of the president's most outspoken republican critics are calling his strategy a good first step. they say success will depend on implementing the plan specifically the tricky and highly contentious prospect of arming syrian rebels. this is what house speaker john boehner said about that a short time ago. >> an f-16 is not a strategy. air strikes alone will not accomplish what we're trying to accomplish. and the president has made clear that he doesn't want u.s. boots on the ground. somebody's boots have to be on the ground.
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so i do believe that what the president has asked for as commander in chief has this authority to train syrian rebels and frankly we ought to give the president what he's asking for. >> you heard him say it right there. somebody's boots have to be on the ground. for now the president did not outline any specific plan for americans to enter syria but the question some are asking is how long before that changes. coming up next, ray rice's team will take the field in just a few hours. first game since video surfaced of him inside an elevator hitting his then fiance. so what are baltimore ravens fans saying about this? we're live outside of the stadium. we'll take you there and deliberations in the murder case against the man known as the blade runner. the judge issues a partial verdict in the oscar pistorius trial. what did she vrule and what is next? we'll explain.
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now to the video of a knockout punch that took down the career of an nfl player. the league is launching an investigation enlisting former fbi director robert mueller to do an "independent" investigation as to how the nfl handled the video. goodell insisted to cbs that he never saw rice strike her before handing down the much criticized two-game suspension. goodell said wednesday that he
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was initially told did not match that video. >> the description of what happened was not consistent with what the videotape was. when you see that, that was clear. that's why we took the action that we did. it was completely unacceptable. it was graphic. it was violent. it was something that we felt we had to take an immediate reaction to. >> and goodell maintains no one in the nfl saw the knockout footage before monday when tmz released it. that brings us to a possible coverup because the associated press is reporting that a law enforcement official without being asked provided a copy of the video to the nfl five months ago. the ap says a woman left a message acknowledging its receipt saying "you're right. it's terrible." the nfl says it's now looking into that. while rice's boss, ravens owner, is taking a hard look at himself for messing up. >> we have a tendency to hear
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what we want to hear and see what we want to see. i was picturing her whaling on him and him smacking her and her head was this far from the wall and with her she dropped. >> let me go to rachel nichols, host of "unguarded." let me ask you about this independent investigation. roger mueller's law firm has ties to the nfl. how independent is this? >> robert mueller's law firm, the president of the ravens, let's start there since ravens are one of the main players in all this, the president of the team worked for that same law firm for 31 years. the president of the cleveland browns used to work for that law firm. the number two guy in the nfl's legal office used to work for
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that law firm and in fact the law firm has done a ton of direct work for the nfl with broadcasting rights fees so they have taken money, direct commissions, from the nfl quite recently. now, director mueller has a good reputation. this is not to say he'll be bias in his investigation. we of course couldn't say that. the appearance of impropriety here is strong considering this whole investigation is supposed to be about the nfl's credibility and whether they've been truthful or not. it seems like maybe they could have done a better job getting somebody to doesn't have those ties to the league. when they release the statement last night, the nfl said the independent investigation would be overseen by two nfl owners. the owner of the giants and owner of the steelers. is that independent? it's confusing. it would be great if the nfl was more transparent on this but it would have been great if they had been all of the way through.
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>> the new jersey attorney general has said it would have been illegal for them to release the ray rice video to the nfl so is the nfl getting maybe an unfair rap here in terms of that? >> that's a bit of a cop out. it's possible the new jersey ag couldn't have released their copy. that's what it was. their copy of the video to the nfl and that's what roger goodell said. we asked law enforcement and they said it would have been illegal. there's a lot of ways to get video documentation and the nfl knows that because they regularly do it all the time investigating draft picks. atlanta falcons receiver white tre tweeted out the nfl has good investigators. when i got drafted, they knew everything about my family's history it scared me. we know the nfl has a long arm when they want to. we also know that the nfl was aware that ray rice's lawyer had this video or at least the ravens were. the casino has said that they did get a direct request for the video and that instead of giving
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it to the league or to the ravens, they said we gave it to ray rice's lawyer, get it from him. certainly when they were disciplining ray rice and they had a hearing in the nfl office, you could have said bring all of the evidence otherwise we're not going to let you back on the field and of course it would have been rice and rice's lawyer to say we wouldn't give you the video. nfl has power. then you're not playing again. there's a lot of ways the nfl could have gone about this that they just didn't. >> all important points. let me bring in andy. the ravens play in just a few hours. you talked to some of the team's fans. what are they saying about all this? >> a lot of fans are just disappointed. some fans are disappointed that ray rice is no longer a vital part of their team, a team that won the super bowl a couple years ago. one fan i talked to said they were really disappointed because they had to explain to their kids why ray rice was released by the ravens. rice's jersey is one of the most
12:17 pm
popular jerseys you see during games. one fan has a ray rice jersey. he's no longer going to wear it. he's trading it in in one of the trades offered around the city and he'll get a $10 bar tab for his ray rice jersey. another hot topic is the suspension. with two games everyone was outraged. a year long seems more than roger goodell said it would be. some people think the year long suspension is right or indefinite suspension i should say but some fans think it was harsh. take a listen. >> i would have liked to have seen a six-game suspension and not necessarily releasing. i think everybody is -- i come from the fire service. we're reactive. think that's what a lot of things have happened here instead of pro-active. >> the media has overblown these things. we have as many players that have done as many things if not worst and we're getting a poster child made example of ray rice right now. >> there have to be consequences
12:18 pm
like that. they should have taken it more seriously in the beginning. people are upset that the first thing they did wasn't as serious as it should have been. >> ray rice is on everyone's mind out here but the prevailing theme was that a lot of them told me they are concerned about tonight's game against the steelers and not falling on 0-2 on the season. >> let's get back to football. thank you both very much. coming next, it's the case that drew international attention. the man known as blade runner charged with killing his model girlfriend. today a judge issued a partial verdict in the oscar pistorius trial. we'll tell you what she decided and what charge is on the table. in a national prime time speech, president obama laid out his plan to destroy the terror group isis. so we assembled a group of iraq veterans to react to his remarks. are they in favor of air strikes in syria? what about boots on the ground? their unique perspective coming up. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts?
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paralympian oscar pistorius is not guilty of murder is the partial verdict delivered inside a south african court where the double amputee is standing trial. pistorius is accused of shooting
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his girlfriend to death on valentine's death last year inside his home. he said he mistook her for an intruder. he broke down at times before a packed courtroom. during the court's reading, the judge said pistorius acted unlawfully when he fired through the door but she said he did not intend to kill steenkamp. >> he cannot be found guilty of murder. that, however, is not the end of the matter as culpable homicide is a competent verdict. i am of the view that the accused acted too hastily and used excessive force. it is clear that his conduct was negligent. >> we still don't know the final verdict. the judge recessed saving that part for tomorrow. we go to pretoria and with the most serious charge gone but the
12:24 pm
judge was critical of him. she called him evasive and a poor witness. what made her decide not to find him guilty of murder? >> reporter: i think there was one moment in court today which was quite telling. she said even though he had been evasive and a poor witness, damning about his conduct particularly under cross examination, she didn't give him any excuses even though the psychologist and psychiatrist said in that initial psych report that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and vulnerable and anxious. she was fine during the argument but he didn't stand up well to cross examination. the fact remains still she found him not guilty because overall in the entirety of the evidence that she read, she felt that at its core, his story was correct. she made a very telling comment that even if she felt that the witness was telling untruths, it didn't mean he was guilty.
12:25 pm
she gave a liberal judgment in that sense. at the same time, she still was harsh on his conduct and of course the implications of that judgment her assessment of how he performed on the stand might have implications for sentencing and of course she again gave those sign posts the indication she's going to find him guilty of culpable homicide, the equivalent of manslaughter. >> that charge is certainly still hanging over him. this culpable homicide. what technically does that mean there and what kind of sentence could that mean? >> reporter: you know, in south africa and in the states as well murder is about intention. she ruled he didn't intend to kill reeva steenkamp and he couldn't have foreseen she was in that bathroom. however, she did say she felt not only was he unreasonable in his behavior but that he was negligent. that's legally saying he's guilty of culpable homicide. the implications for him difficult to judge.
12:26 pm
you speak to different legal analysts and issue is discret n discretionary. the judge decides case by case how to sentence somebody convicted of culpable homicide. it could be from as minimum as community service to eight years. a recent judge found that a man that killed schoolchildren by driving recklessly got eight years. she could be tough. it depends on how she assesses this case. the whole sentencing issue still another whole mini trial. this could take place in weeks or months ahead. it's not over yet. >> certainly not. thank you very much for the update. you can see "spotlight oscar pistorius" tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on cnn. iraq war veterans respond to president obama's plan to destroy isis. do they think that sending advisers to the region is
12:27 pm
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men and women. president obama declared his plan last night to destroy islamic militants wherever they may be. we heard from the lawmakers, the pundits, the analysts. we wanted to hear from people who risked their lives in these war zones so i sat down with gary, jeff and amber and got different opinions on whether america is going back to war. thank you all for being here. appreciate it. gary, let me start with you. in a speech last night, obama never actually used the word war. he called this a counterterror operation. so on a human level, does it concern you and your colleagues that we may be getting into something open ended where there's no end in sight? >> this is iraq 3.0. we are going to war again in iraq. american men and women fighting men and women are going to be in the line of fire. we're going to have aircraft there. we'll have boots on the ground. special operators who will be working close with local insurgent forces against these
12:32 pm
people. we're at war. the president doesn't want to say this for political reasons because of his own political narrative but we're at war. >> does it concern you that we may be there a very long time. >> it concerns me that isis has grown and become such a dangerous organization. it controls space three times the space of lebanon. al qaeda never had more than 50 million at their peak and these guys have a billion. the president needs to deal with it. we want him to deal with it. let's be frank and open and honest with the american people. we're going back to war. >> jeff, let me ask you. you are against any military action from what i understand. when you look at that scene on the mountain where you have tens of thousands of religious minorities being threatened while either you convert or you die, what was the option there? were we supposed to let them die? >> right. i think the bigger question is you have to look at the politics behind it and you have to look at when the u.s. is willing to
12:33 pm
intervene and when the u.s. is not willing to intervene. and how that aligns with the goals of the administration and policy in place. so there are plenty of examples when the u.s. hasn't intervened. we saw that in conflict between israel and gaza. when palestinians were being slaughtered and u.s. had nothing to say about it. i would pose the question why do we sometimes intervene and sometimes not intervene? >> do you think we shouldn't have intervened on that mountain? >> i think we should examine the underlying causes that create organizations like isis and we have to examine foreign policy. we have to examine economic policy. we have to examine any quality in the entire region that form a concoction allowing these organization s to form.
12:34 pm
>> the president talking about the death of these two americans, steven sotloff and james foley. is that a reason to get involved? >> it's so much more than that. americans are being killed by isis. isis is beheading americans. the president decided to say last night that they weren't an islamic group. it was very interesting in terms of messaging why he was saying that when isis' message to president obama is they are killing americans. it wasn't hard hitting enough. i was expecting after he told the world that he doesn't have a strategy to fight this terrorist organization and said i'm working on one. we'll have one soon. so when he came forward with the address last night, i really thought it was going to be something more specific. >> people are angry and fearful. >> exactly. he needs to redefine what combat is and what boots on the ground are because he refuses to use
12:35 pm
those terms. he doesn't use the word war. this is war whether he wants to claim it and use that word or not. we are getting involved in another war and it's often because of our withdraw from iraq and the way he handled that. >> we need to take a quick break. when we come back, we are on 9/11. i want to ask all of you after this break what surprised you most in the last 13 years. you're driving along,
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today marks 13 years since terrorists struck america and now with president obama laying out a new plan to destroy isis terrorists abroad, is the u.s. back where it started? my conversation continues with three veterans who fought in the war on terror. we wanted to know if they thought this is just another open ended conflict for u.s. troops. the president announcing last night an additional 475 troops to iraq bringing the total now to more than 1,600. does that sound like mission creep to you? >> it is mission creep. and those troops will be needed because this is a conflict that is in a space between two failed states. we've got syria in the west and iraq in the east. three times the size of lebanon. we're going to need those people to do some things out there. of course we don't want traditional american troops on the ground fighting there.
12:40 pm
we're going to need to leverage foreign forces. we need saudis and the egyptians and sunni forces in there to do this. and we need like george herbert walker bush did. we need to build a grand coalition and get those states to pay for this conflict as george herbert walker bush did in '91. >> does the idea of mission creep concern you? >> it doesn't concern me because i understand the danger of isis and there's been a collapse across the middle east. >> the president said last night that our intelligence community believes thousands of foreigners including europeans and americans have joined isis in syria and iraq. so without destroying the militant group, you hear these people are signing up for terror. what's the answer? >> what are underlying causes that people gravitate toward these ideals and use this extremism as a way to --
12:41 pm
>> does the cause matter. don't you still have to wipe them out? >> i think we tried to wipe them out historically and it doesn't work because the groups splinter and more and more groups pop up. isis is a group that popped up based on our intervention in iraq. if we try to go military first strategy, we're just going to keep splintering these organizations and we're not looking at why these organizations are coming together and what are the causes and what are they forming and what's the reason they take such extreme measures? >> i said i want to ask you all before the break what surprised you most in 13 years since 9/11, here we are on 9/11. what surprised you most? >> i would say that what surprises me most today is the lack of leadership that i'm seeing out of this administration in terms of our national security and foreign policy. it's a very dangerous time for the united states of america
12:42 pm
right now with how much time left president obama has in office and basically where he has gotten us today in terms of the world being on fire. >> i'm struck by how naive this administration is. >> anything nonpolitical surprise you? >> we are in a world right now where we have significant violence taking place across so many countries here and this administration is spinning politically. get down to business and deal with it. we want a commander in chief to succeed. we don't want to come out and make a statement saying these guys aren't islamic. that's like saying knights of columbus aren't catholic. let's get down to business here. we are facing a serious threat. as you stated earlier, hundreds of people from the u.k., a couple hundred from the united states, possibly 800 from russia. this is an army of killers. they will function first there. they will attack us in the
12:43 pm
region and eventually they will attack us in the united states. >> as a country, we really haven't addressed the problems in our world and i think we've attempted to address them but we've been doing the wrong thing. and that we should ultimately look at root causes of problems as opposed to military solutions. >> all right. thank you all. appreciate it. >> pleasure. next, the ray rice video sparked a whole lot of outrage. now an nba superstar is weighing in but he's apologizing for his remarks. hear what paul george said and how he's responding to the backlash. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. a basketball superstar is apologizing for his twitter rant on the ray rice domestic violence controversy. indiana pacers paul george quickly yanked tweets that appeared to support ray rice. i don't condone hitting women or think it's cool but if she ain't tripping i ain't tripping. let's keep it moving. lol. let that man play. george's becausoss, larry bird, the tweets were inappropriate. i know you have a lot of thoughts on this. certainly let's talk about the kids. a lot of young kids are paul
12:48 pm
george fans and look up to him. how can a superstar like him fail to grasp the power of such an insensitive tweet? >> it's an interesting -- as far as kids are concerned, these are times right now as a parent i would suppose you need to sit them down. if you want to be a fan of an athlete, you have to realize these guys are not infallible. they're not always where we need to go to for some of our nuggets of wisdom. in the case of paul george, what he said sadly enough isn't what is shocking. during the course of this entire ray rice debacle, i have seen and heard those sentiments from a lot of people. what he actually said sadly i have heard it. as far as when someone like that does say it, it never fails to shock me because at the end of the day you want sponsors and you want to make extra money and get as much cash as you can during your nba career. staying stupid things in a social media setting is not the way to win over those companies looking to spend cash. i'm sure he learned.
12:49 pm
the problem with social media is there is no erasing it. once it's out there, it's out there forever. >> he did apologize so we should mention that. let me share what his apology said. he wrote this. i want to apology to all victims of domestic abuse for my insensitive tweets. they were obviously without proper understanding of the seriousness of the situation. i sincerely regret my poor choice of words. so what do you make of that? is that enough? has he already done the damage? >> you know, i'm a cynical human being. i have just about had it with apologies coming on the ends of pr telling you to apologize. he's had a lot of time to digest this story and think about what side of the story we're on and what happened as a result of that. as far as saying i don't know the severity -- yeah, you did. if you didn't, don't be ignorant and tweet things about it. apologies from all kinds of
12:50 pm
people sound empty. >> the san francisco 49ers radio announcer ted anderson made statements that janay rice was partly to blame. how does she go and marry him after that? that's pathetic to me. you think about that. should robinson have said anything at all given that this was, you know, you have the 49ers player ray mcdonald, arrested last month, facing possible charges. investigation still under way in this alleged domestic violence incident in his case, as well. so, what do you make of this announcer saying what he said? >> you know what? through the entire ordeal, i believe self awareness hasn't been at the forefront of any of this. it is like a guy of floyd mayweather with seven arrests and five different women he has beaten come out and say anything about any sort of an incident to
12:51 pm
do with domestic abuse. comical and depressing. announcer is suspended for two games. and a coach harbaugh on the record saying i'm a zero tolerance guy. >> ray mcdonald is on the fold. >> concerned with winning. will be out there sunday unless something happens in the next 48 hours, 36 hours, whatever. they suspend him. i'm in the holding my breath. at the end, it's football. it's king. they're more concerned with whether or not they get the wins and in the meanwhile, they're alienating 45% of the women nfl fans and 33% of us that watch the games on tv. a lot of us are angry. >> i bet. michelle, thank you very much. appreciate it. nice to see you. >> you, too. we're back in a moment. hi, i'm henry winkler
12:52 pm
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infamous for the designers suits but the fashion empire goes way beyond that. remember the tube top?
12:56 pm
his collections graced stores around the globe but the legacy is not only for fashion sense but how he built it. used to be an orphan and one time so poor he had to sleep in new york's central park. brook baldwin talked to him about his rags to riches story. >> i can't help it. but the color makes me happy. >> reporter: hard to imagine designer elie tahari arrived in new york city more than 30 years ago with just $100 in the pocket. today the fashion on display in five continents in more than 600 stores. >> oh! we are going to make it together. >> reporter: but the designer himself wasn't always dressed for success. >> my father was 25, four kids and no job. so i was a second child. so i get the second clothes. >> you got the hand me downs. wearing hand me downs as a child. >> all the time. >> reporter: after the family fled iran for israel, he was
12:57 pm
raised in an orphanage and eventually served in the israeli -- city in his 20s. with nothing. homeless. and sleeping on park benches. did you appreciate sleeping in central park? >> i appreciated the air i breathed in central park. i always was in the mood of survival. >> reporter: by day, he worked as an electrician. by night, he sold women's clothing. and then the light bulb went off. he wanted to make the clothes himself. >> when i come to new york, i worked in women's boutique because i liked, you know, i never been around women. >> you like the ladies? >> absolutely. so, it was the reason traction. >> reporter: the big break? 1978. studio 54. elie's first fashion show. >> we launch our brand in studio
12:58 pm
54. >> what was that like, that first moment for you? >> well, i always appreciate what i did and i loved what i did. the challenges, you love it so much, if you don't mind doing it, you don't mind sweeping the floor. >> you swept the floor? >> i did everything. >> reporter: we have elie to thank for the popularity of the tube top in the 1970s. gave women the first tailored suits in the 1980s and today his clothes are synonymous with the successful career women. >> women are best the way god created them. when i was an eagle, i used always skinny tall models and the business went down. ego is not good for business. >> thank you for dressing us normal gals. >> that's right. >> what point across your lifetime here in manhattan did you realize, i made it? >> well, that's a tough question
12:59 pm
because i haven't felt that feeling. the older i get, the more i love what i do and the more i feel that i have work to do. >> reporter: at his new york fashion week presentation, his designs evoke the latest trends in technology and edge. he even has r&b queen mary j. blige singing his praises. >> i feel twogsal, comfortable most of all. >> work that. >> work that. >> reporter: from sheep sleeping in central park to the collection on 5th avenue, has elie tahari timely arrived? everyone's scaring at the designs. you haven't made it in the fashion world? >> this is after a lot of hard work. so to stand here and to think we arrived is only the beginning of what's to come. >> reporter: brook baldwin, cnn, new york. >> little bit of fashion fun here in new york city. well, thanks so much for
1:00 pm
watching, everyone. brook is back tomorrow. and the lead with jake tapper begins right now v.. have a great afternoon. on this, the 13th anniversary of that horrible day, the u.s. stands on the brink of another potentially open ended military mission in the middle east. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." polls show americans want to take stronger action against isis and now president obama has outlined a plan to expand the fight into syria. how soon could an air campaign begin there? well, we have got some breaking news on that front. also, her son was one of the two americans that isis beheaded on video. now, the mother of james foley is speaking out to cnn and she has some critical words for the obama administration. and the sports lead, nfl commissioner roger goodell claimed no one in the nfl


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